Colour for Kids Spaces

Today I want to chat about choosing colours for kids spaces.

Psychological studies show that colour can influence mood and behaviour, stimulate the brain and body and even effect a persons health. A child's environment can enhance development so always choose colours that encourage growth and stimulation. Bright colours tend to overstimulate so keep these colours as accents in a bedroom or for play areas rather. An environment that stimulates as well as soothes can be achieved by using neutral colours on the walls , paired with bright accents in the form of mobiles, bed linen, fabrics, furniture or rugs.

Use brighter colours as accents:

Grey is the perfect neutral and compliments any bright accent colour

Babies can differentiate between most colours at 2 months of age aswell as have prefecrences for certain colours like cool colours.

Warm Colours elicit happiness and comfort. Bold shades can be energising and stimulating which is beneficial for growth and development, but a disadvantage for an overly energetic toddler.

RED - excites and energises. Associated with an inability to focus so not suitable for kiddos who have problems concentrating.

PINK - empathy and femininity and creates a calming environment.

YELLOW - happiness and motivation. Subtle yellows promote concentration and brighter yellows stimulate memory

ORANGE - friendly welcoming colour that inspires creativity and communication.

Bring warm colours into a space sparingly by painting a portion of a wall, like above, or by the addition of a furniture piece as an accent, like this yellow cupboard below:

Cool Colours have a calming effect and can make a room feel relaxing and spacious

BLUE is the exact opposite of red. It calms the mind and body, lowers blood pressure and decreases feelings of anxiety and aggression. Perfect colour for children who are prone to tantrums or have trouble sleeping. Darker shades can have a depressive effect.

PURPLE combines the energy of red and the stability of blue. Stimulates inspiration and intuition.

GREEN promotes a serene and calming environment. It has a soothing effect and reduces anxiety and promotes concentration. It also reinforces self-esteem.

A lovely calming space, above,  for a little one to chill and read

This khaki green and duck egg blue colour scheme is awesome. Perfect for an energetic little boy.

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Pick a purple in a light shade so it is not too overpowering. This colour scheme above is pretty and calming.

I will be hosting a Kids Spaces Masterclass in Durban at our miss+meisie showcase in July, more details to follow. Or if you looking for some design and decor assistance with your kiddos spaces, pop me an email.

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