the family at HOME

Over the weekend i read a really great book: the family at HOME by Anita Kaushal, which i would like to share with you.
The content is made up of 4 categories: live, share, nest and bare.
Live:  your shared spaces in your home, fun places for everyday life, lounging and learning.
Share: your time together in the kitchen, around the dining table, and with family and friends
Nest: bathing and sleeping, appreciating the daily rituals for a calm household environment.
Bare: spaces and outdoor rooms where children and parents can enjoy nature, play, and the world around us

This book showcases smartly designed and decorated homes that function for stylish grown-ups as well as those little rascals. Anita writes that no matter how inviting your childrens bedrooms are, they will always drag there favourite toy into the other spaces in the home. These homes show how your kids toys and goodies can be accomodated in other spaces in the home without compromising on style.
There are so many clever storage solutions, decor inspirations and just awesome spaces in this book, it's definately a must read for any mom who is as passionate about her home as she is her family.

"home is a word that resonates deeply. For many people it evokes family, childhood, some of their most vivid memories. It is a word that conjures images and emotions. If we're lucky, it is a word that brings comfort to the soul, that names a place we want to return to, that makes us feel safe, loved and nurtured."

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