Dress Up Time!

So, with halloween around the corner, it's dress up time! I think my hubby and I are more excited about dressing Rylee up, than he will be!
I found this awesome CIY (create it yourself) project here, too create these awesome set of bird wings for your little darling.

These pattern measurements are for children aged 18 to 36 months.
The feathers are sewn from the bottom up. Here are some step by step photos, so give it a try. Please send me pics of your bird wings you have created!



  1. Oh my gosh this is so cute. I would love to make a pair for my daughter. She's hit a phase where she tries to fly like a bird. These would be perfect for her.

  2. o wow - too cool those wings x

  3. Those really are soo cute! We've got a dress up party in two weekends time and this will be perfect! Did it take as long as it looks like it will take to make :)


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