Home Sweet Home

This past week, I had Garden and Home magazine come round to our home to take a few snaps for a page: "on a shopping spree with. . .".
When Sarah first called to ask if they could shoot me at home, I freaked out at first. My home is no perfect designer designer posh villa. I kept thinking that our home was'nt good enough, and would they be dissapointed when they saw it?
Turns out, I stressed all for nothing. They loved our little home.
This got me thinking a bit. They say your home should be filled with things you love, and ours is. I'm not your stereotypical interior designer, who creates posh, perfectly symmetrical spaces that are filled with expensive designer pieces only.
Our home is filled with loads of previously loved lovelies, and is not designer designer by any means and it may not be everyones cup of tea, but it is filled with soul and we love it!
Here are some snaps I took of our little home:


  1. wow. love your home Wendy. That is exactly what i think a home should be all about. Its the personal touches that make it. love it.

  2. Your home rocks! Beautiful people live in personality filled homes like this x


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