1 Year Anniversary

This month marks the one year anniversary of 2 majors in my life.

Firstly, it's been one year since I've launched my 2 companies: ilovebokkie and Sketch bok/dbn. Cant believe how time has flown. Sooo much has happened in this past year.
 On the ilovebokkie side: we had so much fun having a stall at the various i heart markets. I have met so many great creatives. Inspiring people like Nadia of Cupcake Couture, Sam Doe of Isla Designs, Olivia Villet, Rhenda of Ikhaya, Genevieve Motley and soo many others. We have built up an awesome client base whom we are so grateful to for there continual support.
We recently launched our new website, with the help of the very talented Nadia. So proud of it.
In February we had a stand at the Design Indaba in Cape Town which was so awesome. We had such an amazing response from this show and met so many wonderful people.
We were lucky enough to be featured in a couple magazines, blogs and newspapers and have a few in the pipeline too. Check out our Press page.
Our family of stockists have grown and continue too. Soo great to have our products at these great stores.
Our product range keeps growing too and we continue to create great kids products for you. Check out our ilovebokkie Shop page.

On the Sketch Bok/dbn side: Our design and decor studio keeps getting busier and busier. I have had the priveledge to work with many great clients and create great spaces for them. Last year we created spaces for 4 homes and this year is off to an amazing start with us working on 6 homes and 2 restaurant revamps. Cant wait to share these pics with you once we are done. I will keep the "working on" page updated with all our presentations of work we are busy with and our "Spaces" page is being updated as we speak and the pictures of work we have done should be up next week.
My mom joined the team in March, and it's been really awesome having her around. She's just super!
In March this year we launched the Sketch Bok/dbn furniture collection. This is a collaboration between my hubby Ryan and I. Ryan owns his own steel fabrication business and he manufactures many bespoke steel furnuture pieces for designers and decorators. His knowledge of metal is amazing as too is his workmanship, so it was a natural progression to create a range of furniture which showcases the textures and properties of different metals such as stainless steel, copper and mildsteel. Pop over to the Sketch bok/dbn Shop page to see the collection. We are working on a few designs to add to this collection, so watch this space. .  .

Secondly, On the 29th of this month will be the anniversary of my dads death. So it's a happy and sad time for me. My dad was and is such an inspiration to me. He was so brave in his battle with the big C and he always remained so extremely positive in his everyday life and many health struggles.
One of my fondest memories of my dad is that he was so so supportive of my career. He was a draugtsman by trade and when I told him I wanted to be an interior designer he was so thrilled for me. I remember him coming with me to the technikon open day and sharing my excitement in enrolling.
On my first day of Technikon, I received a huge bag with all our draughting tools, sketch pads, rulers, markers etc. I think he was more excited than I was to go thru all this equipment, when I got home. He then gave me all his draughting equipment, from back in the day,  to use. I obviously still have them all today, and I thought a still life of them would be a great way to remember him by.
I always want my memories of him to positive, of all the good things, and not of the way he suffered and battled in his last months. So here's to you, my amazing dad, I miss you so much everyday and I cant wait to meet up with you some day. You gave me the strength to take this big step in my life and start my own business, and I will never look back!


  1. Congrats! Lovely post with lovely memories, love your draughting tool pics, brings back memories for me too x

  2. Happy anniversary lovely!! xoxx


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