Decor 101 - Gallery Walls

I absolutely love gallery walls in a home. I believe that every home should have at least one. They tell a story of the inhabitants and add loads of interest to a space.
Gallery walls dont need to just be a collection of expensive art, but rather include stuff like posters, illustrations, old rusty signs, keepsakes etc.

This gallery wall above is in a passage way in my home. It's made up of photographs, art, illustrations & keepsakes. It's a definate talking point in the home. Friends always seem to pause in front of it, when passing by, to take it all in. The darker blue hue painted on this wall adds more interest and ties the different frames together.

Images via Decor8 blog and Design Sponge

A great idea is to group a collection of photographs, all of the same size, and mount them in one large frame. Even thou the photographs arent mounted in individual frames, you still achieve that gallery wall effect, as above.

Gallery walls work awesomely in staircases. I created this gallery wall above in a clients home and is made up of family photos. Keeping frames to one colour unifies the look.

Image via Elle Decor

One of my favourite things to do is to rest art on shelves, instead of hanging them on the walls. This space above has soo much interest created by the casually placed art on the shelves and stacks of books with objet. Even thou the art rests informally amongst the books, the look is still relatively simple and not too cluttered.

Image via Decor8 blog

Add dimension to a gallery wall by hanging objet amongst the framed photos and artwork. This wall above oozes personality. By keeping to a monochrome scheme, this wall doesnt look too busy.

Image via Design Sponge

Another great space to create a gallery wall is in a guest loo. In this guest loo above, the've filled all the walls with art. A space should always stimulate the senses and this space certainly does. Such visual interest is created here.

Hope I've inspired you to create your own unique gallery wall, filled with things you love and showcases your personality.


  1. I love gallery walls and I definitely want to have at least one when we have our own house. For now I started a grouping of mini frames that are held up with just Prestik :)


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