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Hello Lovelies, hope your weekend was super. Thought I would start the week off with the first "Decor 101" post. Today I want to chat about Eclectic interiors. In my opinion eclectic interiors add soul to a space. A home kitted out in buys from one store, looks boring and generic. Interiors need to reflect the personality of their owners so you should fill your home with things you love.

Images via Elle Decor SA magazine
How to create an eclectic interior?

# Mix vintage and modern and the fusion between the 2 will create massive interest. The "tension" between the 2 is what makes the space unique and exciting.
# Take on a "magpie approach".  Mix a bunch of different finds together so that nothing matches.
# Restrict the colour palette. Work mainly within the same hues and add the odd bit or bob in colour. For example, this living space has a red chair which creates the interest, whilst the rest is within the same hue. Throw together too much colour, it might look like a circus.

# This look takes a bit of trial and error, but when your heart races faster and you start getting excited about what you see, then it's right! You will know.
# Layer Layer Layer and add objet. You need to tantalise the eye, intrique people. They must take some time to take it all in. Never arrange objet all in a straight row. Play with scale and place taller objects behind smaller. Layers bring a space alive and will make them memorable. Below is the perfect example:

# Ditch the snobbery attached to interior decor. Informal interiors feel laid back, inviting, carefree and loved.
# Add vintage pieces and you will create a look which tells a story, as each piece has it's own history plus your look will be one of a kind, no one will have a space like yours. Bring out your personality and your interior will instantly have soul.

Images via honestly wtf Blog

I heart ecelctic interiors, this style refelcts my own style which is not perfect, a little quirky and . . .eclectic!

Be sure to visit the websites of 2 of my favourites interior stylists and definate gurus of eclectic style: Abigail Ahern and Emily Chalmers.
Below is a pic from Emilys home:

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