Kids Decor

I seldom find a good kids decor book. They all seem all a little too biggie best like and "traditional". But wait, hold onto your seats, I've finally find a book worth sharing with you:

Kids Decor Baby Rooms & Nurseries by Sam Scarborough is filled with unique and fun decor ideas for kids spaces. Finally someone that does'nt create the stereo typical nursery.

Here are some boards I've put together of some of the great spaces and ideas Sam has created:

A kids space should be unique, like they are. To furnish a room in a theme off a stores showroom floor, is just plain boring. There's no excitement in this, plus your child will have the same space as most. Not different, not fun and exciting.
You can have so much fun decorating a kids space, be a little quirky and even add a touch of kitsch. There are no rules, just go for it!


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