Working On - Vintage Postage Stamp Art Collection

Ok, so I'm not quite finished, but really excited about my latest project, so thought I would share some pics with you, to see what you think. I've been busy busy in my studio creating artwork from my collection of vintage postage stamps. I was lucky enough to be given this stamp collection from my gran, and always new I wanted to create something from it, but never quite new what. So here are some snaps, what you think?

They will still need to be framed and tidied up. The idea is that the stamp itself is the focal point, the artwork, as each stamp is a little art piece in itself. The stamps in my collection come from all over the world, but I thought I would rather focus on the ones from South-Africa. Some of the South-African stamps in the collection, most of you will remember from back in the day, but some are really old like from the 40's with the monetry amount on the stamp being "4d" and some 1/2 cent. They really are quite fascinating.
The artworks above are still being worked on, and once I have grown on this and framed them etc, I will have the new collection on the Sketch Bok/dbn Shop page. So watch this space . . .!


Thank you for your comments...