Decor 101 - Add a Pop of Colour

Today's Decor 101 post is all about vamping up a space by using one of my favourite tricks - adding a pop of colour. It's the quickest and easiest way to update a space and add interest. It gives the space an added twist.
The best colours to use are high voltage ones like red, yellow, fuschia and turquiose. Pastel colours just dont give you the excitement and impact that these do.

The easiest way to add a pop of colour is in chairs, pendant lights and a statement piece of furniture.

Image via sfgirlbybay
 Image via honestly wtf blog

How can you not feel happy when looking at these yellow pendant lights above?! And I love the way the colour turquoise gives an exotic feel, like in this unit above.

Image via decor 8 blog

But nothing gives more drama than red. I LOVE accessorising with red.
The trick is to keep the rest of the space muted in colour and then the added zing of colour will take the space to the next level. Easy as pie dont you think?

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