I'm no model!

Ok, so I'm feeling a little shy about today's post. I 've been told by some that you the reader like to see pics of the blogger behind the blog.
I'm not keen on self portraits and I'm usually the one behind the camera taking the pic, I feel way more comfortable that way. Sooo, when Nadia asked me to be in a photoshoot for a City Press article, I was way nervous. I'm no model!
The actual shoot wasnt all that bad, a little fun actually. The make-up artist was Candice from PlayPlay Creations. She was so sweet and encouraging, which helped alot. It was also great having Nadia there too doing the styling, a familiar friendly face is always good. And not to forget the photographer Taetim of Tae-d photography. She was way cool and calmed my nerves.
So here's some of the pics, eeek.

The article is for the iMagazine by City Press and is about young locals who have interesting jobs and cool style. So we had to style our own outfits and basically portray our own personalities. Check out some more pics from the shoot on Taetims blog here.


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