In need of some motivation . . .

Appologies for the lack of  posts this week. I've had a hectic weekend, and by hectic I dont mean party fun in the sun weekend, I mean little boy in hospital, whole family sick, all round sucky last few days kind of weekend.

Basically my little boy had a temperature convulsion early hours of saturday morning. What this is, is a fit caused by a sudden hike in temperature. We rushed him to hospital where the cause of the temperature was diagnosed as tonsilitis. X-rays taken, bloods taken 4 times cos the damn nurse could'nt find a vein, so by the end of it my little boy was hysterical along with my husband who got very upset that these nurses were hurting his little boy.
Anyways, we got back home Saturday afternoon. Sunday Rylee has an allergic reaction to the anti-biotics, shivering cold one minute then ridiculous high temp the next. Got that sorted and all seemed to be calming down until monday morning when I woke up as sick as anything, could hardly get out of bed to get to the doctor, which I eventually did, got a jab some anti-biotics and spent the rest of the day under covers.
So, I think I can finally get my week started today, until Rylee starts with bad runny tum and excessive coughing spells. Get him to the Paed where more X-rays are done and then I'm told he has a virus which is basically a combination of diarrhoea and something similar to whooping cough. Anti-biotics wont do the trick, instead a sedative cough medicine which apparently is going to knock him out. Seriously! Anything else to go wrong?! Oh, I forgot to mention too that one of our dogs, Buster,  was rushed to the vet yesterday, where he got a blood transfusion and died late last night. We are just not a happy family at the moment.

So, I'm in serious need of some motivation and inspiration to get me back into some sort of work mode, for whats left of this week.
I found this via the Hello Pretty Blog:

Hopefully I will get back on track and post some more creative posts this week instead of ones like this whining and complaining about my problems. Chat soon . . .


  1. Sending you a big hug!! May the end of the week find you back on solid ground and next week be filled with all things good x

  2. Love this list! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks Olivia and its a pleasure Nikki.


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