Homes that nourish the soul

Hello Lovelies, hope your weekend was super!
One of the things I love to do on weekends is change things around at home. By this I mean swop around objet, create new stories with existing stuff, add blooms and maybe add a newbe to the mix. Styling interiors is what I love and I can spend hours doing it, potting around the house, finding new uses for stuff.
Which brings me to something which I think is so important when creating an interior space, and thats adding soul. One of the ways to do this is by layering with vintage and new pieces. Layers create interest, excite the eye, makes it wonder. In my own home I love collecting things with history, vintage items and mixing them with new objet. This creates an awesome synergy.

This is what I'm talking about in stylist Sibella Court's home below. It might be a little cluttered for most, but 10 out of 10 for creating soul and interest.

One of my favourite local talents is Mia Widlake, and her home is just amazing. See what I mean when I say adding objects with history instantly add soul to a space:

And here's two snaps of our little home. Might not be everyones taste, but we love that some of our pieces have a story. Like the trunk Ryan's grandfather used on a trip from durban to london, which still has the stickers on, and the industrial Pfaff sewing machine unit from Ryans mom and my most treasured item, a venetian glass piece from my great gran, Oumies. Our space has history and soul and we love it.

So dont be afraid to mix old and new, add to, edit, and when you stand back and what you see excites you, that means it's right. Trust your gut and dont worry what others think. It's your space and it needs to represent you.


  1. Great post honey! Especially your home pics, loving it. xx


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