Rugs Rugs Rugs

One of the most essential elements to decor is pattern and texture. They are like lipstick to a bare face. They add that extra bit on zing and without it a space seems to be missing something. One of the best ways to add this zing of pattern and texture is with rugs. I personally am a big fan of kelim rugs and have them scattered thruout my home. Rugs are like artworks and definatley add that something something to a space.
Take a look at some of these spaces and see if you agree:

via the design files

If you are a bit afraid of bold colour, a monochrome rug like this one below, from La Grange, will do the trick too. It will add a great graphic element.


  1. So lovely - I don't often spot rugs in stores here though that I love. x

  2. Nads, try Rugs Original, they sometimes have great kelims.


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