Ardmore Fabrics @ Mavromac

Today I was with a client choosing fabrics for her home, and came across the latest collaboration between Ardmore Ceramics and Mavromac. Oh My! These fabrics are so so stuning.

This  Limited Edition Qalakabusha Sofa by Ardmore will be distributed by The Gatehouse at Mavromac. It was launched at Design Indaba this year and is covered in limited edition fabrics that capture the unique style of Ardmore Ceramic Art.

"Only 40 numbered examples will be made of this sofa nominated as WANTED magazine’s most desired Design Object of the Year. The Gatehouse at Mavromac is the proud distributor of this sofa in a Joint Venture with Ardmore Design Collection"

Ardmore Ceramic Art have joined forces with Mavromac to distribute a unique range of Ardmore Fabrics designed entirely in the Ardmore Studio and printed in collaboration with Mavromac South.
Loving the fun bright colour combinations of these prints! Cant wait to see them made up as cushions.

We are off the Cape-Town tomorrow, so will be taking a little break. Chat again next week . . .


  1. loved this post - we are doing an ardmore giveaway and you can win a collectible ceramic piece, have a look-see


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