Cornwall Home

For most people, Sunday nights aren't the happiest times of their week but for me it's not all that bad, thanks to Grand Designs on BBC Lifestyle. I'm not a big TV addict, in fact I hardly watch much TV, but I do love this programme. I think one of the reasons, is that it gets me motivated for the week ahead. I'm absolutely passionate about design, especially interiors, so this programme is right up my alley.
Last nights episode had me swooning. Introducing the home of interior designer Kathryn Tyler:

How stunning?! The Scandinavian influences are so lovely and there's such beauty in the simplicity of this Cornwall home, from the architectural details, to the selection of fabrics used. The mix of bespoke with vintage and modern classics is perfection in my eyes.
Check out Kathryn's home studio space too:

This home has got me inspired to create greatness like this! Hope your week is great too.


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