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Very excited to have a few of our ilovebokkie products on the Green Elephant Collective online store soon. The Green Elephant Collective is an online shop with a difference.

"Green Elephant Collective was founded in 2011 as an online resource and shopping platform for South African made green designs and lifestyle products. We do not stock organic food or eco-friendly cleaning product stuff. Only cool green designed lifestyle products, created locally. That is it.
Unlike other green retailers or shops you may find, Green Elephant Collective does not sell any imported products. Our focus is to spread the message of buying responsibly-made, unique, local goods, instead of mass-imported items made in Hong Kong. We seek out and promote products that are thus friendly to both people and the planet, and partner with a wide range of designers to pioneer sustainable design.
Apart from the obvious benefit of buying local goods whichs shows your support of our designers and artisans, it also adds to South Africa's GDP. In simple economic terms this is a good thing for our country."
Founder, Ute Faure, is a self proclaimed green ninja and resides in Cape-Town. Her dream is to make green design viral across South Africa. And then the world.

Here are 5 items on my wish list from this awesome online store:

1. The Balafon Chair by Liam Mooney
2. Crocheted Rope Mat by IsaBeau Peep
3. Folded Book Light by Shaw Sisters
4. Quirky Illustration by Keri Muller
5. Zulu Woven Beach Bag  from Northern Zululand

Check out Green Elephant Collective here for prices and more green local lovelies.
Happy Shopping!

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