Wallpaper Love

As you all know by now, I'm a huge fan of wallpaper. It's crazy how wallpaper can transform a space instantly. The perfect element to add texture, colour or pattern.
Even thou wallpaper has become so popular, I still get the odd client who shudders at the thought of wallpapering a wall in their home. Their first thoughts are of their childhood homes where floral wallpaper adorned the walls with matching trims, in co-ordinated colourways. (think old fashioned biggie best, pink and mint green). But my oh my has wallpaper changed.
My current favourite is this Brooklyn Tin Tiles wallpaper by Parisian boutique Merci. I love that it's really versatile. It could either work in a soft feminine space or add to a masculine industrial vibe.

"This paper was designed to mimic the look of vintage painted tiles found in factories and warehouses in North America at the turn of the century. They have an aged look with paint cracks and age imbedded in the image. Created in collaboration with Merci, the fabulous boutique in Paris. They are available in 8 colourways and are supplied in a 10 meter roll."

Available from UK-based Rockett St George. See more here


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