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Jess and I are counting down the days till we launch our collaboration miss+meisie at the FoodWineDesign Fair Jo burg 2012. So much excitement! As mentioned in my previous post here, miss+meisie is a collaboration of UK and SA designers. On the run up to the Fair, I will be introducing all the designers and artists that we will be showcasing.
Today, I would like to introduce one of our UK artists, Jimbob:

These are a few of the signed prints we will have for sale. I cant wait to share the awesome frames Jess and I have selected for these lovelies. Too divine! We will also have a few unframed, mounted prints for sale too. Secretly, Jess and I are hoping we don't sell all of these prints so we can keep some for our own art collections (heehee).

Here's a little about Jimbob, this super talented illustrator:

"I studied Illustration at Westminster University in London where I developed a love of working in pen and ink. I wanted to create pieces that have a narrative, but an ambiguous one. I feel drawing anthropomorphic characters can describe so much about human emotions and personalities with the juxtaposition of the animal’s expression against his clothing, an item or text.
I have experimented with a range of mediums in illustration, but it was only this year after a visit to Sweden, inspired by the huge range of natural history surface design on furnishings and home wares, that I began experimenting with ceramics. I tend to create a new character every couple of weeks, and it’s exciting getting feedback for my new designs.
One of the main contexts of my recent work is the idea that big scary animals can still express themselves and still like to eat cakes off plates! I often use stereotypes of animals, but aim to make them original and a bit quirky. What I like about drawing animal characters is the response from people who identify with them; usually telling me that they know someone who acts like one of them"

Jim has also created an awesome ceramics range with his illustrations on, check it out:

"The world of animals inhabiting Jimbob arts hand-drawn ceramics range has a woodland setting but its creatures have urban sensibilities and a love for cakes, biscuits and cheese."

We are very proud to be showcasing Jimbob art.

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