Dip and Tuck - Plascon Spaces issue 9

Plascon's new Spaces issue 9 magazine is out and is filled with great decor tips and colour inspirations.
Check out this great article on paint effects - Dip and Tuck. It's a fun CIY (create it yourself) project for you to try out at home.

Paint dipping is red-hot news in d├ęcor circles. It’s cost-effective, easy to do and an efficient way to update old accessories in a flash.

PAINT Plascon Double Velvet in Lemon Essence (Y5-A1-2), Delicate White (Y2-C2-3), Mauve Dust (P2-C2-2) and Deep Sea Reef (B7-B1-1); Plascon Universal Undercoat.
OTHER Newspaper or drop sheet, string or clothesline, fine sandpaper, damp cloth, old plastic baby bath or plastic container large enough to submerse your accessories into, Hamilton’s paintbrush, Hamilton’s artist brush.

Baskets and bowls
Time needed: 2 hours
Choose the accessories that work for you. Here, stylist Liezel Norval-Kruger dipped a collection of disused baskets and unvarnished wooden bowls.
If you’re dipping small objects, lay down newspaper and above it suspend a piece of string between two pieces of furniture. To dip something larger, work outside and place a dropsheet below your clothesline.
If your object is varnished, gently sand it with fine sandpaper before painting.

STEP 1 Decant paint into the baby bath or plastic container to a depth of about 10cm. Gently submerge the basket with one hand, then, with the other, tilt and swivel the container until the paint has reached the preferred level.
STEP 2 Hang the basket from the clothesline. While the paint is drying, smooth out any droplets with a paintbrush.
STEP 3 Once dry, create a striped effect by repeating the process with the colours of your choice. Always allow the paint to dry completely between layers.
STEP 4 Repeat the process with the bowls, hanging them to dry on the clothesline or on string tied between two pieces of furniture.

When dipping functional items like baskets and bowls, aim to use a water-based enamel paint like Plascon Double Velvet. Why? Because it’s hardwearing and has a bit of a ‘stretch’, says stylist Liezel Norval-Kruger. Yes, PVA will create a beautiful matte finish, but it will invariably crumble and chip o. if the painted item is being used.

Photography: Micky Hoyle
Production: Liezel Norval-Kruger
Words: Annette Klinger

Product credits for photo with baskets:
Twig hooks and woven baskets, Abode. Bench, Pierre Cronje. Oak candle holders, LIM. Coral, Block and Chisel. Throw, Entrepo. Books, Artefect. Glass, Entrepo. Hemp carpet, Weylandts. Bowls, Nap.

The kind people at Plascon have given me 3 issues of their Spaces Magazine to giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post and i will announce the 3 winners next Wednesday. 


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