Kiddos Craft Room Ideas

I love doing crafts with my little guy, but oiy, it can really be a messy affair most times. My dining table gets covered in craft supplies, stickers, paper etc turning these craft sessions into one big mess. So, my next project at home is to create a kiddos craft room.
The trick to designing up this sort of space is organisation and plenty of storage. Here are a few ideas and picks I've put together for this space:

# Our ilovebokkie Ellie drawing table is great for kiddies from 1 - 5 years of age. The 50m roll of paper lasts a long time and best of all you get to keep all the master pieces all on one neat roll. No pieces of paper lying all over the room!

#The peg board above the desk idea is perfect for organisation and great for the budget too.(image via handmade charlotte)

# Our ilovebokkie bokkie book screen, is a good alternative to traditional bookshelves. The coloured edge is available in 5 colour choices.

# Blackboard walls are awesome canvases to let those little artist go wild (image via lanalou style)

# The ilovebokkie kiddos desk is great for kiddos from 6 years of age, and the flip top lid allows for fab storage too. The coloured legs can be custom to any colour.

# These glass storage jars with animal lids are an easy and fun DIY project. So playful!

# The ilovebokkie africa scribble boards are fun for creating to do lists. Also available in an emblem design.

# Colour is always key to a kids space, so these Pantone items are great for this. These magazine holders (great for paper storage) and kids plastic fold up chairs come in an awesome array of colours. (available at Generation Furniture, Hyde Park, Joburg)

# Our ilovebokkie letterblock ottomans come with a clear plastic removal cover. Perfect for paint spills and dirty little hands.

For prices and details on the ilovebokkie items, pop over to our shop page here.

I hope I've inspired you to create your own kiddos craft space too!

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