Update your Staircase

One way to update a staircase cost effectively is by painting it.

Here are a few of my favourite DIY staircase updates, using paint:

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The latest Plascon Spaces Magazine has a great feature on painting a staircase with a gradient paint effect, in hues of grey. This wooden staircase is given a subtle yet sophisticated update:

What Do I Need?

Paint - Plascon Enamel Doors & Trims
Magic Noire (B5-E1-1)
Bovine (E29-6)
Pencil (E29-5)
Sterling (E29-4)
Silver (E29-3)
Plascon Universal Undercoat

Other - Fine sandpaper, masking tape, Hamilton's 50mm paint brush

The Prep

# Use fine sandpaper to gently sand the rise of each wooden step. Sweep away the dust with a paintbrush as you work to save time and to ensure a clean work surface.
# Mask the edges of the staircase to avoid getting primer and paint on the wall.
# Because the surface is wood and the area a high-traffic one, a good primer is needed. Prime the rises with Plascon's Universal Undercoat, which prepares the wood and allows the paint a better grip on the surface.

Get The Look

Time needed: full day (depending on drying time)

Step 1 Decide on how many colours you'd like to use to create your gradient effect. We used five colours on our 15 rises and divided the colours equally - painting three rises in each of our colours - for an on-trend ombre effect.

Step 2 Using a Hamiltons 50mm brush give the rises a first coat in Plascon Enamel Doors & Trims. Keep the layers thin - its better to do more layers than apply the paint too thickly.

Step 3 Allow the paint to dry fully before repeating the process for a second or third coat. Test the corners of the risers as these take the longest to dry. Drying time between coats is crucial to any successful paint job, especially when painting wood.


Why not give this DIY a bash this weekend?!
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