CIY - Floor Cushions

Feel like getting creative this Monday? . . .Here's a fun CIY (create it yourself) project to try out:

Canvas (enough for at least two 25” x 25” squares depending on how many pillows you want to make!)
Water-soluble pen
Gridded cutting ruler
FolkArt acrylic Paint
Stencil brushes/pouncers and paint brush (for large dot)
Yarn (for tassel making) *optional*
Pillow Stuffing (or pillow form)
Sewing machine + thread
Tassel Tutorial – Found Here

Check out the full tutorial here on PaintMePlaid.

Happy Creating!


  1. Like your floor cushions and these floor cushions can be a bright and cheerful additions to a home. They are highly functional items too.
    Thanks for share.


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