Mixing It Up

I said it before and I will keep believing that when it comes to creating spaces in your home, mixing it up and adding old with new, makes for a way more exciting and interesting space!

Paging thru the April issue of Living Etc Magazine, I came across this stunner of a home belonging to interior designer Athena, DJ husband Victor and 9 year old son Jivan, in The Hamptons, New York.
To me this home is exciting, homely, interesting and just damn awesome.

"Live dangerously, break the rules and you'll end up with something that really excites you"  Athena's design mantra.

By mixing styles, like Athena has in her home, you will get a home that's unique to you, the owners, and completely exciting. The mixing of modernist with rustic and raw is just magical in my eyes.
To create a similar look in your home, mix classic vintage pieces with modern contemporary high end with flea-market finds. The synergy will be fantastic!
Also, keep the "backdrop" of the home, like the floors, walls etc, neutral and bring in pops of colour with artwork and objet. You don't want your home looking like a colourful mess.

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