Stella & Spencer

Meet the two new additions to our family . . .

Stella and Spencer are just the sweetest little Labrador pups! My friends think I've lost the plot a bit . . .we busy moving into our new home, we have a very busy 3 year old son, another baby on the way, so why not get two energetic Labrador pups?!
Rylee, our little 3 year old, is just in love with these pups. It's the cutest thing to watch them play, such joy!

So of course, the designer in me thinks, these two precious pups need a stylish bed, right?!

Introducing Hünd, makers of  eco-friendly dog beds and other canine supplies that are South African made and stylish too, of course!

"At Hünd we design and supply eco-friendly dog beds and other supplies that are South African made. Our company, established in 2011, is driven by people who love dogs. We use creative design to create products that are sustainable and stylish. We offer comfortable and unique products that will not compromise the environment."

These little crochet animals have been made from hemp and stuffed with cut-off t-shirt material from a local factory. Sweet little toys for the pups.
Check out their website and online shop here.

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