I've been super busy prepping for the Design-on-the-Move showcase in collaboration with Mr Price Home.

Basically 3 creatives (Jess, Terry and myself) have been given a caravan each to 'vamp up' using Mr Price Home goodies and putting our own twist on it. There are 3 different concepts: The Modern Gypsy designed by Jess, The Natural Explorer designed by Terry and The Globe Trekkers Studio by me.

Installation starts today, and the opening is at the House and Garden Show this Friday, in Durbs. I'm super excited, not only to see whats in my head come to life, but to see what Jess and Terry's caravans look like. I've been seeing snippets of what they have been busy with and oh my, these ladies are super talented. So dont miss out on this awesome showcase!

Here is a little taste of what The Globe Trekkers Studio is all about:

Hope to see you lovelies at the show, we will be adjacent to the Homegrown Fair. I will be the preggie one sitting outside her caravan (lovely image right?!)

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