Add a little quirk

I firmly believe that your home should be filled with things you love. It should represent the personalities of the owners. So often people worry about what others think, and this fear prevents them from taking risks in their home. I say forget about what others think! After all they aren't the ones living in your home!

One of the best things to do to take your home space from ordinary to extraordinary is to add a little quirk. It will not only create a 'talking point' to the space but also make it unique to you, the home owner.

The trick to adding quirk is balance, you don't want to go overboard and land up with a space thats just too too much.
This eclectic Melbourne home has got this balance spot on:

The pig table in the entrance hall and the top hat pendants in the bathroom are the perfect quirky additions. Why not add a little quirk to your home?!

Images via here.

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