Design Indaba 2011 - Part 2 . . .

Some more exciting things to share from Indaba;

These furniture designers were all entries in the Western Cape furniture design competition, Seating: Shack Chic:
This flat packed bee-hive stool is designed by Dane Lategan, made from ply board. A very clever design.

James Lennard is the designer behind these fun & quirky bucket stools. Great for kids!
The vector stool, by David Roberts:

And how cool is this recliner, made from plastic piping;

Trinket, design and make stunning brooches from perspex and steel. The designs are modern & edgy yet have a cool quirky twist.

Another really lovely fashion designer exhibiting was Alma van den Berg of Spiltmilk.

Cupcake Country, is a company in Cape Town which hold craft & cooking workshops for kids. Kids can make there own customade cupcakes from felt and these cool zoo biscuit brooches, i could'nt resist and had to buy one

A really lovely notebook range by Inspired by our Country. Love love love South African design!

These fun handmade character toys for kids (and grown ups) are made by Woo-men Plush Toys.

Some more clever peeps, making furniture out of old goods;

You have to appreciate the craft of paper art;

Cake Design by Roxanne Floquet, how beautiful, i wanna get married all over again just so i can have one of these cakes. Stunning!

What an awesome Indaba, and a great day in Cape Town. Thanks to my friends, Marzi and Meegs,  for a fab trip! This time next year girls?

This trip definately inspired me and im so excited to get my designs out there. . .!

I leave you with these parting words, from a random building in Woodstock. . .

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