My Dream Home

Shut the front door! I have just found my dream home! How AMAZING is this home?! I'm in love!
Marie Olsson Nylander is my new interiors hero. She's a Swedish interior designer and a very talented one at that!
I feel that I need to cancel all weekend plans to paint all my walls and wooden floors white! So inspired by this space, I have no words!
Hope you all have a brilliant weekend. Something to look forward to on Monday is the announcement of the winner of our giveaway, so tell all your friends who haven't yet entered to do so this weekend.


  1. Hey Wendy, Good to meet you on Saturday, I hope it was fruitful for you! I LOVE these images, this home is amazing, right up my street. First love-White painted floorboards, totally impractical but always brings furniture to life. Love it. Jess x


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