My Little Family

I've decided to add a new post topic: My Little Family. I was going thru my family albums and thought that it would be great to share some of the photos with you. It will also encourage me to continue capturing my precious moments with my little family. I hope you enjoy!

These photos were taken the morning of Rylees Spring Day/Grandparents Day at school. I normally cannot get him to wear anything on his head, and if I do try, it will only last a few seconds before he rips it off. But surprisingly enough, he kept this one on for longer than was expected. Another plus was that he won the prize for "most interesting hat"! I think I was more excited than he was about winning!

The Granny's loved their morning with their little darling! He of course loved showing off for them on the swing and slide.
This year has been quite a rollercoster for us as I lost my father to cancer at the end of April and Ryan, my hubby, lost his dad a couple months later. Very sad for Rylee that he lost 2 really great grandpas, but he is very lucky to have 2 awesome granny's!

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