Decor 101 - Styling Stuff

Let's chat about styling stuff/objet/lovelies in your home. These finishing touches are the most important part of creating a space, it's what makes it into a home.

picture via Abigail Ahern

# First off, you need to gather all the things you love, your very own collection of stuff. This could be flowers, sculptures, paintings, prints, books, lamps etc.
# Forget about trends and follow your heart. Your "stuff" is what you love so who cares if its not someone elses cup of tea. Like I've said before, your home should be filled with the things you love, things that showcase your unique personality.

picture via the book Decorate by Holly Becker

# Never have everything on one level, play with heights:

picture via Abigail Ahern

# Layer, do not line up everything in a straight row. Place objects in front of others. Layers will bring a space alive.

picture via the book Decorate by Holly Becker

# Restrict the colour palette, too many colours can be too much:

picture via the book Decorate by Holly Becker

# Variety in texture and scale is best.
# Forget about perfect symmetry, play with assymetry, this will create interest rather than being static and uptight.
# Add something quirky, just to make it that much more interesting:

picture via Sfgirlbybay

# Think outside the box. The more risks you take, the more amazing a space will look.

I hope i have inspired you. Happy styling friends!

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