Our Home TV Unit

Ryan and I have been busy busy the last 2 weekends working on a TV unit for our lounge space. I hate the look of speakers, so my main aim was to hide these hideous things.  So after alot of blood sweat and almost tears, we finally completed. Take a lookie:

There are 2 drawers, 1 for cd's and 1 for dvd's. The 2 speakers lie horizontally on the bottom left and right and the 2 sub woofers are in the middle at the bottom. All hidden by timber panels with cut outs to allow the sound thru. The back of the unit is all open to allow for air flow as these components do let off a bit of heat.
We made the frame of mildsteel and sprayed it matt black and the timber panels are plywood which we oiled. My most favourite are the s/steel recessed locker style handles which we got from a seaport store (they are meant for boat hatches).
So what you think?


Thank you for your comments...