Working from home . . .

So, I've reached that point in my pregnancy where I've started counting down the days, eeeek!
I must be honest I'm in 2 minds at the moment. For one, I'm very excited to meet our new little addition, but I've also got a lot of work on the go, and my to-do list before baby comes, keeps growing instead of getting smaller, as my days remaining lessen. Oh, and did I mention that about a week and a half ago, my entire computer crashed, dead! Just to add to the excitement.
Anyways, I've set up a small little office space at home, so when baby decides to arrive, I can still do some work in between feeds, cuddles etc. Or so I hope.

I recently came across this awesome home studio space on The Design Files. Theo and Soula run their graphic design business form their Melbourne home, and I'm so in love with their space. I could spend hours, make that days in this eclectic home studio:

And the rest of their home is just as awesome:

I'm off to squeeze in a little work on this Saturday morning before my baby shower later. Have a super weekend lovelies!


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