Gallery Walls

One thing a home cannot do without, in my opinion, is a gallery wall. They reflect the personalities of the home owners and tell a story about who lives there.
In our home we have 2 gallery walls, just because i love them so much. A monochrome one of all family pics, black and white vintage ones, wedding pics, kiddos pics etc.:

And then we have another made up of a mixture of distressed frames with photos of our holidays as a family:

When we have friends and family around, they always seem to stop in front of these walls. Perfect conversion areas.
Here are two of my clients gallery walls:

You don't need to only use framed photos, a collection of art is perfect too. Here are some of my favourites:

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Go ahead, create your own gallery wall at home. I promise you will love it!


  1. I really want a gallery wall, but we have't put up any art in our new house.

  2. Natasha, start off with 3 pieces of art, and then slowly add to as you collect. No need to wait till you have an entire collection. x


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