Oh Joy Studio Space

Friday was a month since my little angel was born, and wow has it flown. Juggling my work load, a new born baby and my 3 year old has been a bit of a challenge, I wont lie. I do however  feel like I'm finally getting some sort of normality and routine back into my life.

Working from my 'temporary office' at home has been great but I do miss going to our studio space everyday, and getting out the house. It is very challenging separating work and leisure when your computer is right there staring at you making you feel quilty for chilling on the couch! So, I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio in the next couple months, baby in tow.

This amazing studio space of Oh Joy has got me super inspired to give our studio a little upgrade. How awesome is this creative space?! :

I've just added studio make over onto my to-do list!
Images via the Design Sponge and check out the before and after video here on Oh Joy blog.

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