Nicole Levenberg

Hello Lovelies, Mr has not made his appearance yet, so I'm still waddling around! I have been eating curries, walking shopping malls flat, but allas . . . still nothing!
I've now resided to the couch with a pile of magazines. . .

Paging thru the latest Conde Nast House & Garden magazine, I came across the amazing textile designer, Nicole Levenberg.

"Having started my trajectory in fine art, I approach print in much the same way as I would a one-off art piece. My predominant interest lies in drawing and painting, and the narrative role an image can play when set up in different contextual relationships. Often quirky, surreal and fantastical, I enjoy juxtaposing random elements to create both aesthetically intriguing print imagery, as well as a playful story that everyone can relate to. Colour plays a vital role in my printmaking, enticing the viewer with beautiful hues. I make use of exaggerated and unexpected scale in order to elevate drawn imagery from page into striking fashion garments, and make design decisions based on image placement on the body."

My favourite collection of Nicole's is The Electric Attic:

The Electric Attic collection was inspired by travel narratives and draw on Delft colouring, etching techniques and exotic landscapes. Love Nicole' addition of pops of colour too.

And here are Nicole's beautiful fabrics:

Nicole is in the process of collaborating with the super talented Anatomy Design on custom pieces that incorporate her fabrics. I can't wait to see!

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