Q & A with Denise Kiggan of Freshly Found

The next local creative that will be at this weekends miss+meisie durban showcase is the guru of paper creations, the very lovely Denise of Freshly Found.

'Freshly Found is an online Furnishings and Accessories Boutique. The Freshly Found concept has evolved because of my mature love for found objects and the intrigue I have for people with creative talent!    My background in journalism, interior d├ęcor and the hospitality industry combined with a personal deep, sometimes irreverent, respect for vintage products, craft and people is reflected here! I selectively choose products I love; looking at them with a fresh perspective and then commissioning them into a new life! Most of the products are handmade by local artists and crafters!'

My life right now is . . .  a creative adventure interspersed with way too much admin
What makes you tick? . . . 
People, potential, projects [and alliteration it seems]

Favourite thing about spring? 
Observing what seemed to be dead burst into life again.

Being a designer/artist/creative allows me to . . . 
be spontaneous in my day-to-day life and a little mysterious. 

I am good at . . . 
generating ideas, hand-making goods and pulling an excellent espresso shot on my home coffee machine. 

Something i really wish i was good at . . 
drawing.  I really wish I could pick up a pencil and make my hand do what I wanted it to.

How would you describe yourself? 
 Conservatively quirky [I value personal freedom and self-expression, and love to go where inspiration leads].
How would others describe you? 
Creative, Perceptive and Bubbly!? [Yes I've heard that said about myself]

What inspires you? 
Vintage How-to books. I love to see how old crafts can have an up-to-date interpretation.

I'm absolutely loving Denise's new blue and white delft inspired paper flower range which she will be launching this weekend. We are very excited to have this very humble and super talented lady at our showcase.

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