Q & A with Terry Angelos

Most of you Durbanites will be familiar with the creative artwork pieces by local artist Terry Angelos. I've had the privilege of working with this talented lady on various projects. Her fun and playful pieces of art inspire me and i love how innovative Terry is with her creations.  
Here is some more insight into this very talented and clever artist:

'Terry Angelos was born in Zimbabwe and only immigrated to Durban in 1982. She matriculated 1986 from Durban Girls College and received the Atkinson Prize for being the top art student in her year. She completed one year of Fine Art and one Year of Drama, but is mostly self taught, preferring the mediums of pen and ink drawings, acrylics, mixed media, collage, assembled art and 3D paper sculpture. There is a strong influence of craft in her work. For 10 years she used to own and run a children's event business, until at the age of 40, she started a full time career of being an Artist. '

My life right now is . . .on a roll

What makes you tick? . . .My heart ticks because God made it so.

Favourite thing about spring? Slops and frocks

Being a designer/artist/creative allows me to . . .not self destruct.

Iam good at . . .bargain hunting, parallel parking, singing along to Adele and entertaining myself.

Something i really wish i was good at . . Baking, saving, exercising.

How would you describe yourself? Hardworking, easily distracted, laughs at own jokes, moody, ambitious, loyal, non conformist, nature freak, pedantic, determined.

How would others describe you? Beautiful, funny, clever....I hope!

What inspires you? Originality, the wonders of the natural world, Gods humility

Check out some of the fun new pieces Terry has been busy with for the miss+meisie durban showcase this weekend:

How cool right?! Be sure to pop by the showcase this weekend to check out Terry's latest collection.

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